Treasures from Tenach by Dr Lawrence Duff-Forbes 

TFT 001 to 022


TFT 001 The Minute Hand of History

TFT 002 The Postulate of Predictive Prophecy

TFT 003 A Ponderous Pylon of Prophecy

TFT 004 Hope Through Abraham or Moses?

TFT 005 The Threshold of Entry - Meet the Prophet

TFT 006 Neither Tiresome Nor Happy - The Canon of Double Sense

TFT 007 Good From The Ghastly

TFT 008 Valley of Dead Hope

TFT 009 The Shepherd Prince

TFT 010 The Kiss of the Soil

TFT 011 The Peaceful Nation

TFT 012 The Predatory Nations

TFT 013 The Parleying Nations

TFT 014 The Peremptory Nemesis

TFT 015 The Penetrating Nightmare

TFT 016 The Paralyzing Negation

TFT 017 The Paramount Necessity

TFT 018 The PIscine Narration

TFT 019 The Presumptive Nihilists

TFT 020 The Partisans Named

TFT 021 The Possible Non-Conformists

TFT 022 The Panoramic Nexus